What is BitcoinMixer.IO?

BitcoinMixer.IO is the best bitcoin mixer website that maintains anonymity of clients when they make online bitcoin purchases, do transactions between individuals, and make payments, etc. The Bitcoin does not provide complete anonymity since all transactions and activities are recorded in the open source software called Blockchain, and anyone can access to this record. In other words, anyone can track down the funds traded using the bitcoin. When transactions are made using the bitcoin, most websites require personal information, and the personal information provided is used to track your transactions and verify the identity of you. However, with BitcoinMixer.IO, you can trade with your anonymity maintained perfectly, without leaving a trace. You can mix coins through this website. That is, your bitcoins will be mixed with dozens and hundreds of bitcoins, ensuring that the source of your funds is unknown. As a result, you will be able to receive clean and untraceable bitcoins.


The most important goal of BitcoinMixer is to protect everyone's privacy and coin clarity.


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We share up to 70% of our comission from each partner's participant. All payouts are instant